Marvel to the State

Marvel to the State

She’s no slave to Ishvara
She’s got the courage of Malala
No regime can ever harm her
She’s our fate
She’s in tune with her Dharma
She’s proceeding to Nirvana
She’s the essence of Brahma
In this state

I don’t need body armour
My attackers get their karma
And the visions of Ramana
Guide my way
I could be Policarpa
Well the world does need its martyrs
It’s the journey of Siddharta
That’s my fate
All the way

These highs they come from within her
I’ll dance the power my skin holds
Her light’s too bright for them to touch
She’s a marvel to the state

I see her as Radha
She’s my sage and my lama
Either Durga or Sumana
Could be slayed
By her greatness
With the heat of the Sahara
And the soul of Che Guevara
She’ll proceed through the Samsara
Just like Skade in the mountains

I’ve got Kali in my bloodline
I’m a survivor of the flood
I’m an opponent of the hood
That roams this land
And I shake with the power
The dance of the lotus flower
The energy won’t be devoured
They’ll be damned
They’ll be damned

These highs they come from within me
She’ll dance the powers her skin holds
My light’s too bright for them to touch
I’m a marvel to the state

Lyrics: Aidan Cross
Music: Cross/Kloos/Armstrong/Edwards

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