Album Release: “Dancing On A Volcano”

“Dancing On A Volcano” is released today.

The album contains 12 previously unreleased tracks:

1. Prelude
2. Soho Rain
3. The Sociopath
4. I Smashed The Looking Glass
5. The Hangers-On
6. Arandora Star
7. Polished Decay
8. Hunter’s Moon
9. Faded Queen Of The Night
10. Nights In Spanish Harlem
11. Heaven On High Street East
12. The Tatterdemalions

The players:

John Armstrong – Bass guitar, backing vocals
Aidan Cross – Vocals, lyrics, rhythm guitar
Anthony ‘Eddy’ Edwards – Drums, percussion
Johann Kloos – Lead guitar, keyboards, clarinet, recorder
Stephen Sarsen – Lead guitar, backing vocals

Also features guest contributions from Bob Dinn (trumpeter for Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott), FINOLA, Chris Guest on keyboards, Loop-Aznavour (Adventures of Salvador) and Susan O’Shea (Factory Acts).

The album has been produced by Adam Crossley and Chris Guest at Vibratone Sound Studio. Cover art by Brian Gorman Artwork, band logo design by Jim Cattell.

The digital version of the album is released via German Shepherd Records and can be downloaded from their Bandcamp (Click to stream/purchase).

The CD version is released via Marlene’s Hat Records and can be purchased from this website (Click to purchase).

Pre-ordered copies have been sent out this week, so if you pre-ordered a CD copy it should be with you soon!

The album is also available to stream on Spotify, Apple and other good digital platforms.

Thank you to all who have contributed, and all who have supported us in the making of this album. It’s been a long and eventful journey, and we hope you enjoy the final product. 🖤


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